Yard Art and Random Vending Machines

2 Aug

“Nature is a revelation of God; Art is a revelation of man”

– Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

As I was walking through Uttenreuth today, I could not help but notice the beautifully maintained gardens.  The hedges are perfectly trimmed, flowers are blooming, and bees buzzing.  Man has certainly brought his artistic touch to nature in these gardens, and it comes (at least in part) in the very amusing form of yard art.  Here are some examples that caught my eye…

On a less artistic note…

Personally, I find vending machines generally to be a quaint reminder of the past.  They seem to have lost their popularity over the years, but what struck me about the vending machines I saw today was that they seemed out of place.

Cheesecake and Diet Coke…

So, is it really necessary to have a cigarette vending machine in the forest?  This seems to be slightly incompatible with the idea of getting fresh air, and an invitation for potential forest fires waiting to happen.  I don’t know what you would compare this association with, but several analogies do come to mind, including that of cheesecake and Diet Coke…

…and some candy to boot


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