Apartment Hunting (episode 1 – My Cat is a Globetrotter)

4 Aug

Here is the first in a series of episodes in the Apartment Search Saga…

“No cats allowed.”  This little phrase seems to keep popping up everywhere since the apartment search officially began on Monday.  If only my German were slightly better, I could reason with these landlords, and explain that my cat is not like other cats.  He is refined and even bilingual.  He has traveled France from north to south, east to west…and Germany is next on his list.  He simply has better things to do than to scratch floors and tear up wallpaper.

On a more serious note, it is apparently true that having pets or even children can make apartment hunting here sizeably more difficult.  This problem is generally resolved in the States by a pet-deposit or even additional rental costs.  In Paris, the apartments tend to be in such bad condition anyway that having a cat never seemed to be an issue (isn’t that what the security deposit if for anyway?).    Still, the real-estate agent here could not have been clearer on this point, as well as the fact that having a cat will greatly limit the available options.

Should this frighten me?  Will I miss my miniscule studio in Paris after all?  More to come soon…


One Response to “Apartment Hunting (episode 1 – My Cat is a Globetrotter)”

  1. Colleen August 9, 2010 at 1:00 am #

    Does your globe-trotting cat give lessons to other cats? His cat cousins are uncouth.

    Good luck with the apartment search!

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