What Makes Moving Worth It?

18 Aug

The first weeks after a big move you are so busy you do not see that things are evolving around you.  You are no longer thinking about why you chose to make this change or even if it seems like the right decision.  Once you finally take a step back, however, you might ask yourself if it was worth all the trouble.

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With all the compromises we make as a part of everyday life, it is sometimes difficult to remind ourselves that just one too many compromises can deal a fatal blow to our happiness – some things are simply non-negotiable.  Ok, I said the “h” word…so can I still consider myself a responsible adult?  Many would say that putting your happiness above your career is irresponsible, but just as many out there might agree that life is too short to stay unhappy.

How to know when a risk, like moving to a new city, is worth it?  Obviously, when your home no longer really feels like home, not only is it bad for the morale, but I would even say there is only one thing left to do: Start looking for a new one.

Taking Time to Smell “Die Blumen*”

My lifestyle has definitely changed after downsizing from a city with a population of 3 million in one country to a city with a population of 100 000 in another.  Big city life has many advantages, but you have to be prepared for the disadvantages that come with it.  Personally, I loved it for a while, but needed a break.  Certainly, after only three weeks, things are far from settled here, but I can already share some things that have changed for the better.

Top-five lifestyle changes that make moving out of the city worth it:

1)   Getting closer to nature – trading parks for forests

2)   Less of your life lost in traffic

3)   Bigger apartments

4)   Clean air

5)   Silence

* flowers


One Response to “What Makes Moving Worth It?”

  1. E. September 2, 2010 at 7:25 pm #

    I agree with you… When I moved out of Paris I was bitter and never would have expected to love my new life as much as I do. I enjoy going out in the country on week-ends, going to ride my horse in the middle of a forest, i.e….
    I’m still close from the big city, but I would love now more than ever living in a big mansion lost in the middle of nowhere !!

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