Stuttgart On A Rainy Day

18 Oct

Normally when you have planned a trip somewhere and see that the forecast calls for rain, you just assume you will not have as much fun as you would on a sunny day.  However, my recent trip to Stuttgart definitely proved the contrary, and the day I spent there was anything but dreary!  Here are the highlights…


While walking through town we came across this festive group of friends on a


The more the merrier

I originally planned my trip to Stuttgart to catch up with my friend F. and check out her new city.  Even with miserable weather, you cannot go wrong when spending time with good friends!

Eat Art

Luckily, museum visits do not require good weather. The exhibition “Eat Art” currently open for visit at Stuttgart’s museum of modern art (Kunstmuseum Stuttgart) is a collection of works that reflect upon the existential and sensual aspects of food.  Two Swiss artists, Dieter Roth and Daniel Spoerri, are at the heart of the movement, the latter having coined the expression “Eat Art” to describe art made from edible things.  Not only are their works exposed, but a number of younger artists were also included. You can forget the old cliché that museums are stuffy and boring , and expect something new and often funny (although not necessarily very fresh…).

Playing with food might be the key to bringing out the artist within us all.  In any case, it definitely works as a way of making contemporary art and its messages more accessible!

Kunstmuseum Stuttgart

Protests without colorful umbrellas are less fun watch

Stuttgart has had a recent wave of protests against an ambitious urban development project called “Stuttgart 21.”  The project clearly has experts and city dwellers divided.  At the heart of the project is the construction of new, mainly underground, train station to replace the current one.  While supporters see it as the opportunity to become the new “heart of Europe” through creating a highly modern rail transportation hub, the opposition wants to protect the city’

s cultural and natural heritage, and have even evoked the possibility that the ground might not be stable enough for such extensive underground construction.

As a result, a sea of colorful umbrellas filled Stuttgart’

s main square on Saturday as people gathered to peacefully protest at a rally organized by the opposition.


3 Responses to “Stuttgart On A Rainy Day”

  1. Karl October 18, 2010 at 3:59 pm #

    Stuttgart comes alive in your photos. It seems to be a lively and intereting place.

  2. E. October 25, 2010 at 11:56 am #

    I love your pictures of the “umbrella protest”, and I’ve never thought that museums were boring, that’s a sad thing to say, and I may sound old, but I love museums !!!

    • bavariaundercover October 25, 2010 at 1:08 pm #

      Don`t worry, I don’t find them boring either! That’s actually one of the things I really miss about Paris.

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