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E-Werk: A Cultural Ray of Light

29 Oct

Maybe it is the beautiful weather, or maybe the three-day weekend I have ahead of me, but today everything seems possible.  Another thing that is probably adding to this general state of elation is the discovery I made last night…Erlangen has a really cool cultural center!

Transitioning from living in a city saturated with culture to one where going to a good museum involves a day trip has left me with a lot of free time. I have partially filled the void by reading the stack of books I never had time to get to before (On The Road, The Wonderland Quartet, Alabama Song, Le Bonheur des Dames…).  I always buy at least 10 more books than I can read at any given time, and I have even had the time to reread some of my favorites, like To Kill A Mockingbird!  However, my books-to-read stack is slowly diminishing, and with a few more months ahead of me before I will be able to understand German theater, or even movies, the multicultural “E-Werk” seems to be the perfect place to start filling my cultural void.

I went for the first time last night and saw a French movie, Micmacs à tire-larigot.  It turned out the one of my favorite bands, Train, was also giving a concert.  I missed the show, but could hear them sing from the bar downstairs through the wall (lol) after the movie.  As for the film, I loved it.  I am a total fan of Jean-Pierre Jeunet’s films, with the exception of Delicatessen, and seeing it in the cozy little E-Werk theater was so much better than if I had seen it in Paris (I’m just not a fan of super big and super crowded movie theaters…).

I see long winter nights filled with jazz music, foreign films, and concerts in my future.  A little variety is never a bad thing.

Check out their website if you are in the area to see what will be going on:  E-Werk