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A Day At The Lake

17 Jan

After weeks of gray skies and snow, the sun is finally back. It may be a bit too early to head to the beach, but while passing through the southern Bavarian city of Prien last weekend, I did make it out the region’s largest lake – Chiemsee.

Halfway between Munich and Salzburg, this large lake lies at the foot of the Alps. On a warmer day, I would have gladly taken a dip in the crystal clear waters. However, with temperatures barely above freezing, I opted for a relaxing walk and soaked up some winter sun. The lake is officially known as the Chiemsee (“der See” is the German word for lake), but as the region’s largest lake, it is also sometimes called the “Bavarian Sea.”

As always, here are a few pictures to boost your imagination!



Visiting Berlin

26 Nov

Since I arrived in Berlin at the beginning of the week, it seems like the days and nights are just flying by.  Could this be my favorite city of all time?  Well, I definitely love every minute I am here.

My trip has been filled with snow, Christmas markets, museums, new encounters, and lots of FUN.  Luckily on my last trip I saw some of the major sites and can spend some time just relaxing with tea, mulled wine, or even the occasional hot caipirinha to warm me up while wandering through one of the city’s Christmas markets.

I did take some time out, however, to visit some museums and do some tours. I spent almost an entire day at the German Historical Museum.  This is a great way to brush up on over 2000 years of German history.  I also made it to the Pergamon Museum yesterday morning to check out some impressive examples of Greek, Roman, and Babylonian architecture.  In the afternoon, I did the 4-hour “free tour” of the city center.   There was a special Thanksgiving group, and we got to do the tour with only 6 people.  We had a great time and even had a glass of sekt to toast among Americans.  I may have missed out on the traditional Thanksgiving dinner (I just did not make it onto the US Ambassador’s guest list this year) , but the spirit was definitely alive.

So, that’s the end of this quick update, with more to come soon!  If anyone can suggest some cool Berlin hangouts, please feel free to leave a comment.

The German Historical Musuem

The Pergamon Museum houses some impressive examples of ancient architecture

The "free tour" starts daily at 11am and 1pm near the Brandenburg Gate. This 3-4 hour walking tour takes you to all the city's major sites.